Our 'Truth About' Series

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    Update from our local office following the Turkey/Syria earthquake, February 2023.

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    Net zero

    Reducing Emissions from Global Freight

    We track the journey of each Superdry garment from factory to consumer. Millions of Superdry garments travel great distances each year to reach their final home.

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    Net zero

    Optimising our own operations

    We reduced our global energy footprint by 35% in our own stores and offices.

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    Grow Future Thinking & Zero waste

    Closed Loop Polybags

    We've partnered up to close the loop on our plastic polybags

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    Zero waste & Grow Future Thinking

    Caring for your new Superdry Garment

    Tips from our Quality team to help make your new Superdry garment last

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    Sustainable materials & Grow Future Thinking

    Closing The Loop On Fabric Waste

    We’ve partnered up to recycle our factory fabric waste in Turkey

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    Zero waste & Net zero

    Our New Lower Impact Retail Bag

    We’ve redesigned our retail carrier bag to have the lowest impact possible

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    Respect & Net zero

    Aquarelle: A Leading Sustainable Factory

    Our suppliers are championing sustainability in their factories, hear from one about their new 'LEED Platinum' factory.

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    Zero waste

    Our New Lower Impact Ecom Bag

    From Autumn/Winter 2020, Superdry online orders will be delivered in our new more sustainable paper bag.

  • Video & 4 min read

    Organic cotton

    From the Source: Meet our Organic Farmers

    We journeyed to the source to explore the stories of three Indian farmers who we've supported in converting to organic farming.