A truly distinctive business

Our brand story so far

Our product and design-led approach to creating quality products has been central to how we have operated over the past 17 years, and led to our success as a leading global fashion brand. Our brand story to date has been built on:

  • Best in class product – A combination of market-leading quality delivered at astonishing value for money;
  • Financially disciplined approach with a relentless focus on cash preservation;
  • Unique brand identity creating amazing clothes, through an obsession with design, quality and fit;
  • Strong multi-channel capabilities – We have a scalable business with 231 owned stores and 475 franchises and licences, operating in 53 countries as well as 21 branded websites, translated into 13 languages; and
  • A distinctive culture with passionate and creative leadership that will drive the business forward.

Where we operate

Our forward-facing, mission-led strategy

Our mission-led business has four key objectives, delivered through clear strategic initiatives. Our objectives and strategic plans are explained throughout the Strategic Report

Read more about our strategy in our FY21 Annual Report here

We’re adapting to a new marketplace

  • Increased trading environment uncertainty
  • Accelerated digital transformation and digital conversion
  • Increased environmental and social awareness
  • Shift towards ‘local’ consumerism
  • Market opportunities as competitors exit
  • Power-shift from landlords to retailers
  • New working patterns and environments


We’re responding to change

and resetting our brand

whilst connecting with new consumers

Our operational business model

Superdry has an agile, lean, and responsive operational base. We distribute product to our global customer base seamlessly across multiple channels. We want our customers to be able to order from anywhere, from any device, using any payment method and have it delivered to any location from our distribution centres.

Describing the product journey from initial creation through to end consumer purchase, our product lifecycle can be viewed across four critical activities

Our seasonal product lifecycle


We have a passionate team of
designers, each of whom is now aligned to one of the collections within our consumer segmentation

2 → MAKE

Once our designers have imagined next season’s  collection, it is over to our Sourcing team to work closely with our global network of suppliers to bring the product to life.

3 → SHIP

We have a truly global distribution network, serving our multi-channel operations worldwide. This is delivered
through four main distribution centres.

4 → SELL

Our global footprint has been achieved through a truly  multi-channel approach, leveraging our eight routes to market to maximise the addressable market