Our vision is to produce clothing made solely from low impact materials.

We know it’s the right thing to do, and that it will create a value chain of prosperous partnerships that will benefit both planet and the people on it.

All garments have a carbon, water, and chemical footprint. Our commitment is to ensure that our choice of materials demonstrates improvement in that footprint – prioritising sustainability alongside quality, price, and fairness.

Key Achievements

By sourcing organic and recycled cotton, we have avoided up to 12.8bn litres of water in FY23.

That’s the equivalent of 855 million buckets.


farmers trained in organic
farming practices.

Eliminating harmful
chemicals and reducing water
consumption is helping
to regenerate and preserve soil
quality for generations to come.


of garments bought contained
organic, low impact or
recycled materials.

That’s 14.2 million garments
with a quantified reduction in
their carbon, water and/or
chemical footprint.