Recycled polyester is typically made from post-consumer waste, such as plastic bottles. It can be processed in different ways to create yarn for fabric or soft, warm filling for jackets.

At Superdry, we are always looking to make change at scale - we started by moving all the polyester fill in our heavy weight jackets to recycled from Autumn Winter 2020, and by Autumn 2022 we have converted 100% polyester fill to recycled. This equates to over 70 million plastic bottles. 

By FY24, we plan to launch our first mainline collection using fully recycled fabrics for shell, fill and liner. 

By switching virgin polyester to recycled we are having a positive impact on the global plastic problem.

From Autumn Winter 2021, all the polyester padding in our jackets was made from recycled bottles - with an average of 25 bottles in each jacket.

To achieve this and ensure we are using post-consumer waste, we have traced the recycled polyester back to source - household recycling plants located in Jiangsu province in China.

Over 70 million bottles are now keeping our customers warm instead of going to incineration, landfill or polluting our oceans

Recycled polyester uses up to 58% less water and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 54% compared to virgin polyester

This data is gathered using the 'Higg Material Sustainability Index'. More information about their data and methodologies can be found on their WEBSITE.