Nylon is exceptionally soft, strong, and lightweight – the perfect ingredient for gorgeous swim and activewear. Recycled nylon has all these qualities, whilst being much kinder to our planet.

Industrial fishing nets and pre-consumer fabric scraps are made new and infinitely more beautiful in the creation of recycled nylon.

From SS22, almost all the nylon in our swimwear collection was recycled. By making the switch from virgin to recycled, we are not only having a positive impact on the global plastic problem, but also reducing energy usage and carbon emissions in the process.

By 2030, 96% of our garments will contain low impact materials – incorporating more recycled nylon into the collection will form an important part of working towards this goal.

Recycled nylon reduces CO2 emissions by 54% compared to conventional nylon

This data is gathered using the 'Higg Material Sustainability Index'. More information about their data and methodologies can be found on their WEBSITE.