Yak fibre is warm, beautifully soft and breathable.


The secret to these incredible properties comes from the high altitudes and rough climates where yaks live. Yak fibres are hollow, allowing them to trap air and provide a high warmth-to-weight ratio. As a result, the fibre retains 30% more heat than sheepswool, equivalent to cashmere.


We source our yak fibres from locally based nomadic herders on the Tibetan Plateau.


The fibre is collected by brushing the animal – helping ensure that fibre length and quality is maintained, while also protecting the yak's welfare. Each yak produces about 100g of fibre per year, which means it takes 3-5 yaks to create just one sweater.


Our yak fibre is fully traceable through our partnership with Shokay, who donate a percentage of their profits to help the local communities where the yaks are herded.