Recycled cotton is just as soft and natural against the skin as conventional cotton, whilst keeping fabric waste out of landfill and consuming less water and energy to make compared to virgin (farmed) cotton.

By salvaging fabric offcuts or pre-loved clothes, creating recycled cotton gives new life to material which would have otherwise been wasted.

Superdry recycled cotton has been salvaged, sorted and recycled from our own supply chain – to re-make into beautiful new fabric yarns. An opportunity to PARTNER WITH OUR SUPPLIERS - each supplier sends their offcuts (leftover when each individual panel is cut out before being sewn together) to our nominated recycling plant.

This is an important step towards our target of 100% organic, recycled or in conversion cotton by 2030 - starting with our first range in 2021, made from 100% recycled materials (55% recycled cotton).

From threads to fabric and labels, our new fully recycled sweats feel smooth and snug against your skin.

Recycled cotton uses up to 95% less water and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 25% compared to conventional cotton

This data is gathered using the 'Higg Material Sustainability Index'. More information about their data and methodologies can be found on their WEBSITE.