With the same beautiful softness and environmental & social benefits as certified organic cotton, cotton in conversion is all about supporting the growth of the organic cotton sector.

Cotton in conversion is the cotton grown during the 3-year transition period from conventional to certified organic farming, using the same organic farming guidelines.

By 2030, 100% of our cotton will be organic or recycled. Cotton in conversion is vital to making our goal sustainable and building the future of organic cotton.

The amount of organic cotton grown globally is small, representing almost 1% of the world’s supply of cotton. Superdry alone would account for 4% of global supply if we switched to 100% organic cotton immediately.

We have committed to training and converting 20,000 farmers to use organic farming practices by 2025, supporting them on their 3-year journey to organic certification.

Organic farming improves soil health, allowing it to hold water for longer and store carbon more effectively. The truth is, healthy soil is vital to life on earth. 33% of the world’s soil is currently degraded – our investment in cotton in conversion is an investment in our planet’s soil.

We have been using cotton in conversion since SS22 and helping farmers to sell their crops for a premium during the process.

Superdry is the only global fashion brand to commit to converting the number of farmers needed to meet our organic cotton requirement

This year we are proudly working with 12,787 farmers directly - an increase from 7,583 farmers last year