Superdry and all its subsidiaries comply with relevant national legislation pertaining to packaging compliance e.g. EU Packaging Waste Directive.


In France our “Identifiant Unique” (Unique Identification Numbers) as proof of compliance are:

  • Packaging: FR207581_01QIWW
  • Electricals (WEEE): FR023829_05VM1Z
  • Batteries: FR023829_06EY6W
  • Textiles: FR219247_11OPDC

These cover sales by all relevant Superdry entities who place the above waste types on the French market.


In Germany we have regsitered all Superdry entities that place packaging onto the market via our sales cahnnels of retail, ecommerce and wholesale sales (where Superdry are the importer of the goods into the country).

  • Superdry Germany GmbH registration number: DE2306268524689
  • Supergroup Internet Ltd registration number: DE5863779575990
  • DKH Retail registration number: DE2882359120174

As a producer in terms of the German ElektroG we are also registered with the German registration authority Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte-Register (Nordostpark 72, 90411 Nürnberg). We have been granted the following WEEE registration numbers to cover all relevent Superdry entities that sell electrical goods and are required to comply

  • Superdry Germany GmbH registration number: DE43873806
  • Supergroup Internet Ltd registration number: DE41255738