Superdry firmly believes it is not acceptable for animals to suffer in the name of fashion or cosmetics. Animal derived materials used in our products should come from sources that respect animal welfare and the conserve biodiversity.

We consider the use of animal fibres very carefully during our design process.

In cases where animal derived fibres provide unique or sustainable benefits to our products, we will utilise them if they are sourced in line with our Animal Welfare policy.  Where recycled animal fibres are available, we will consider their use as an alternative to virgin fibres.

In FY21, 3.4% of our total raw material footprint (tonnes) was of animal origin, which breaks down into the following materials:

Wool (1.4%) - we work with our suppliers to ensure that sheepswool used in Superdry products is traced to origin/supplier. For specialist wools including Alpaca, Cashmere, Yak, we work with partners including Shokay to trace these fibres to source where possible. Where we are unable to work directly with partners including Shokay we continue to seek solutions to effectively trace this small percentage of materials

Leather (1.3%) - we are looking at the best route to certify leather used in Superdry products, and are monitoring the development of industry recognized traceability standards to farm.

Down (0.7%) - all Superdry down is certified under the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). In FY22, we have noted a 50% reduction in our use of down filled jackets year on year.

We recognize the responsibility we share with the fashion industry to guarantee animal welfare in the supply chain, and our aspiration is to further strengthen our relationship with suppliers to mutually learn from experiences and jointly work on solutions to ensure considerate treatment of animals in the fashion supply chain.

Animal Welfare Policy

Vegan Collections

Developed in partnership with the Vegan Society, and registered under their Vegan Trademark, in 2020 we released our first vegan collection – the High and Low Basket Lux Vegan Trainer.  

We are actively working to provide our customers with more vegan options, removing animal fibres where we believe they aren’t needed. 

All ingredients, raw materials and/or components have been checked to ensure they do not contain any animal derivatives, product or animal by-product during the manufacturing and production process – from vegan friendly colour pigments to water-based glues.  

We’ve even ground them into powder and tested them in a lab to ensure there are zero animal traces 

Not only are these trainers 100% vegan, 33% of our upper material is uses recycled materials. 

By 2025, 100% of our trainers and flipflops will either be recycled or vegan, and our bath & beauty range will be 100% vegan.

Responsible Down

We consider the use of down carefully when selecting the right fill for our coats.

Down is biodegradable and has great thermal properties, as well as using less energy in production than Polyester.

Superdry is certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and 100% of Superdry Down is RDS Certified as of 2017.