Superdry has a robust governance framework in place to ensure effective internal oversight, ownership, and accountability for the implementation of our social and environmental programmes.

Executive and Board Level Ownership and Accountability: -

Board-level accountability for Superdry’s social and environmental programmes/issues, and for the delivery of Superdry’s Sustainability goals sits with our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who receives regular updates on progress and takes an active role in defining the Sustainability strategy.

Superdry’s Sourcing and Sustainability Director is responsible for the implementation of our supply chain human rights and environmental programmes/issues and the delivery of our sustainability goals, covering Product, People and Planet.

Our Sourcing and Sustainability Director sits on Superdry’s Executive Committee and reports into CEO.  Our Sourcing and Sustainability Director regularly reports on Superdry’s Sustainability programmes and their progress to the Superdry Executive Committee.

Internal Oversight: -

We have established quarterly risk management reporting process covering social and environmental risk, which is reviewed by our Audit Committee.

Reporting includes detailed short- and long-term material human rights and environmental risks, and the due diligence, and remedy in place to address these risks.

Implementation: -

The implementation of Superdry’s social and environmental programmes is supported by global policies and delivered by our dedicated teams located in Head Office and Local Sourcing offices, and through cross-functional delivery groups “Warriors” – consisting of 50 representatives from across the business.

We continue to be guided by external experts’ comprising of stakeholders from non-governmental organisations, social enterprises and ethical trade, human rights, and labour standards organisations to ensure we stay focused on the most material issues and drive real positive impact for the long term.

In FY20, expenditure directly supporting our CSR and Sustainability agenda totalled £1.6m (0.23% of group revenue).