Superdry believes that it is important to be a socially responsible business, promoting fair and sustainable employment practices internally and by supporting diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace both within its own operations and across its supply chain.

Our Ethical Trading Code of Practice (the “Code of Practice”) sets out standards for Superdry to uphold in relation to our own colleagues and for our supply chain partners to uphold in relation to their employees.

Our Code of Practice adopts the nine core principles of the Ethical Trading Initiatives (ETI) Base Code and represents a minimum benchmark for fair and safe conditions within all factories in our supply base. This code should not be used to prevent companies from exceeding these standards. Superdry is committed to working with our suppliers and all relevant bodies to deliver effective action plans for change.

We have also adopted additional clauses in recognition that sustainable production is considered core to baseline ways of working with Superdry and as such the below also includes criteria for environmental compliance.