We believe corporates have a responsibility to minimise their environmental impact. As electricity represents 99% of the energy consumption in our estate this is a clear area for us to address. In addition, supporting our franchisees and suppliers to also use renewables allows us to impact energy volumes many times the size of our own.

Targets and Progress

We will use a portfolio of tools to achieve our goal – from purchasing renewable tariffs and energy attribute certificates to power purchase agreements and installation of onsite renewable generation technology. To aid progress, this goal was broken down into three separate targets:

100% Renewable Electricity

Stores and Offices by 2020

Progress towards the goals has been swift this year and we are delighted to say we achieved this target in May 2018 two years early. Hitting the 100% figure represents a significant increase on the 70% renewable penetration last year. Where possible we make sure we focus on the most environmentally benign carbon free generation technology, specifically wind and solar power.

100% Renewable Electricity

Franchises and Distribution Centres by 2030

Embedding use of renewable electricity within our franchise estate is in the planning phase. We are currently focussing on creating structures and tools for measurement and verification of third party electricity consumption. Once this is complete we will work with our franchise partners to establish the best method to progress the use of renewable electricity.

100% Renewable Electricity

Main Suppliers’ Businesses by 2040

Some of our supplier factories are making great strides in this area with a number of sites already having installed rooftop solar panels to reduce their environmental impact and reduce costs. In order to further our suppliers' consumption of renewables we will:

  • Map tier one suppliers geographically and by importance (volume of units produced)
  • Undertake further work to identify suppliers already working in this area and their motivations for doing so
  • Use the information from the above two mapping exercises to establish a small group of key suppliers with whom to explore this agenda
  • Establish renewable energy criteria or consumption thresholds for potential new suppliers
  • Establish and evaluate trials with key suppliers / factories
  • Re evaluate programme to examine potential to extend beyond tier one suppliers and explore beyond electricity to look at other energy streams and environmental metric