At Superdry our culture is centred around autonomy and empowerment. We trust colleagues to do the right thing. But our policies are our fail-safe mechanism, ensuring that everyone everywhere has a consistent experience where expectations are very clear and everyone receives equal treatment. Our policies vary by country due to local laws and legislation, but we’ve included some key Global Superdry Policies which provide the overarching guidance and are applicable to UK colleagues.

Diversity, Inclusion & Equality Policy

Anti-bribery and Corruption

Flexible Working



Our Whistleblowing Policy demonstrates the support available to all our employees in raising concerns. We provide global access to a whistleblowing line, Safecall, which means that colleagues have the opportunity to speak out anonymously if they feel or believe issues need to be brought to the attention of senior management and are treated with the appropriate gravitas.

Whistleblowing Policy 2021