At Superdry, our continued ambition is to innovate using more sustainable materials in our products – starting with cotton.

Over 2 in 3 (71%) Superdry garments contain cotton; cotton is the largest single fibre we use - accounting for 53% of Superdry’s overall fibre footprint. By converting to 100% organic cotton by 2030 - with all pure (100%) cotton items to be organic by 2025 - we aim to significantly reduce the environmental footprint for the largest number of garments across our range.


In addition to our cotton goals, we intend to use recycled and low impact materials at scale, across our range. 

  • Used in 2 in 5 (42%) garments we buy, polyester accounts for 31% of our overall fibre footprint. By 2030 we intend to utilise recycled polyester alternatives at scale across our range.
  • We also intend to increase the proportion of Tencel, hemp and linen across our range – impacting 1 in 20 (6%) garments we buy or 3% of our overall fibre footprint.


We are excited to accelerate the switch to sustainable alternatives as the seasons progress and provide further information on our progress in this section.



100% Organic Cotton

How we will become a 100% Organic Cotton brand.

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Recycled & Sustainable materials

We actively use recycled and low impact materials across our range to minimise our environmental impact.

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Animal welfare & Vegan

Animals should not suffer in the name of fashion or cosmetics.

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