We are committed to improving the sustainability of all our packaging.

We are committed to improving the sustainability of all our packaging and by 2025 we will:

  • Only use packaging where necessary, with 100% of the packaging we must use being reusable, recyclable or compostable.
  • Move from single use to reuse models where possible, supporting a closed loop economy whereby all our plastic packaging contains a minimum of 70% recycled content. 

In 2019, Superdry became a signatory to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation’s ‘New Plastics Economy’ Global Commitment aimed at championing ‘Elimination’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Circulation’ to ensure plastics never become waste or pollution.


During 2020, we made significant improvements, including:

  • Moved to an online returns management portal which allowed us to remove four labels from each delivery, removing 12 million labels from our parcels each year!
  • An all new 100% FSC certified paper ecommerce bag that removes 155 tonnes of unrecyclable orange plastic bags each year!
  • A new lower impact retail bag that saves 356 Tonnes CO2e and 340 Tonnes paper each year!


This is on top of all the changes we made in 2019:

  • Reduced the weight of our 100% ‘FSC Recycled’ paper carrier bag by a further 6% and designed an innovative knitted paper handle so that the whole bag was fully recyclable.
  • Reduced the weight of our plastic Ecommerce bag by 17% and increased the recycled plasti content to 50%.
  • Replaced most of our plastic packaging boxes and hangers to fully recyclable craft card alternatives (including across underwear, loungewear, socks, belts, and flip-flops).
  • Converted our one remaining plastic hanger (womens swimwear) to 100% recycled plastic content .
  • Introduced 100% Recycled Polyester Care Labels.
  • Switched from recycling our transit cartons to selling them for reuse from our UK Distribution Centre, instead of baling these for recycling as per standard industry practice.


These improvements mean currently 95% of all our packaging is recyclable and we will continue to work towards our 2025 goals prioritising Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

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