We want to have the lowest impact possible with waste and packaging, applying a ‘think zero waste’ attitude across everything we do.


We always aim for a process of continual improvement in waste disposal, identifying individual waste streams and improved disposal methods. With our tribe of ‘Sustainability Warriors’ who cover all global functions and area we will continue to listen and challenge ourselves to identify opportunities to remove wastage.

We continue to operate as zero waste to landfill where we control the destination of our waste, by partnering with waste management firms who place value on reducing environmental impact and increase our recycling rates as a result. For sites where we do not control the collection of waste, we work with landlords to encourage segregation and recycling of all store waste.


To achieve our zero waste ethos, we follow three key rules from the waste hierarchy:

  • REDUCE where we use packaging and actions that cause waste
  • RECYCLE all that we can and make sure all that we produce can be easily recycled by others
  • REUSE what we can in innovative ways across the business.

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