One of the major contributors to our emissions and their impact on the climate is the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity.

Switching this demand to renewables will help accelerate the transformation of the global energy market away from fossil fuels and aid the transition to a low carbon economy. We’ve set our renewable electricity goals reflect this ambition and support the transition.

Superdry will be a 100% renewable electricity brand by 2030 in order to maximise our contribution towards SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) and reduce our carbon emissions to support SDG 13 (Climate Action).

We will bring a positive shift towards renewable energy use and therefore zero carbon emissions, globally, by switching electricity sources across both our own and our key value chain partners. We have set the following milestones:

100% renewable electricity across all Superdry global operations by 2020

We achieved this goal in 2018 and continue to maintain 100% renewable electricity in our own operations (stores and offices).

100% renewable electricity in all our global distribution partners by 2025

Two of our primary global distribution centres switched to 100% renewable electricity during financial year 2020, increasing our progress on this goal to 25%.

The rooftop solar array at our UK distribution centre (operated by our third-party partner; Clipper) generated 14% of its own electricity needs and we are exploring options to install further solar arrays with our other partners.

100% renewable electricity in our main global franchise partners 2030

We have undertaken an initial energy consumption mapping exercise of our franchise partners. The next step will map the use of renewable electricity against this to baseline our progress against this goal.

100% renewable electricity in our main global supplier factories by 2030

We continue to improve our understanding of energy consumption and use of renewable electricity throughout our supplier factories. This year, 18% of our key factories generated their own renewable electricity on site. We will continue to improve this data to track this milestone accurately.


Where possible, we champion installing renewable power on site. Where we must purchase it, we support national renewable generation, specifically wind and solar power using Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs).

Our global gas consumption accounts for just 3% of our owned global energy use; however, we are actively exploring the use of renewable gas where possible and as of August 2020 switched to 100% renewable gas at our Global Head Office in Cheltenham. Doing so means this site is now Net Zero from its direct operations.

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