Our industry has a significant environmental impact through the energy it uses and the emissions it releases.

Research suggests that the fashion industry accounts for around 4% of all greenhouse gas emissions from human activity.

We want to reduce that and play our part to meet the needs of the planet. We are therefore committing to:

  • Operating with a Net Zero carbon impact across our own global operations by 2025
  • Net Zero emissions from our distribution and logistics partners by 2030

Net Zero means working to a point where we have no net impact on the climate from our greenhouse gas emissions.

How will we achieve Net zero?

  • REDUCE what we use - the best unit of energy is the one we don’t use
  • CONVERT what we use into renewable and sustainable alternatives
  • OFFSET any remaining emissions only through meaningful mechanisms

We have set realistic, meaningful goals with impact. We know the largest proportion of our impact lies within our supply chain, but that setting goals too far into the future becomes “someone else’s role”. We have therefore included our whole distribution and logistics supply chain in our ambitious goal with 10 years to achieve it.

Our impact extends beyond this so in addition we are committed to always challenging ourselves and actively working with all our supply chain partners to minimise environmental footprint.

Reducing our energy usage

The most sustainable unit of energy is the one we don’t use

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Converting to 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030

Across our own operations and those of our key suppliers.

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Offsetting our Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We calculate our annual Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions to help us understand our impact and reach Net Zero

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Sustainable Stories

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