We are working with suppliers to introduce sustainable and agile systems above and beyond baseline compliance to protect both the environment and to ensure all people making Superdry product are treated with respect and dignity.

To do this we are actively working with our suppliers, to establish:

  1. Targeted regular training to raise awareness on rights and responsibilities to build a culture of respect and equality;
  2. Ways for people to raise any issues to management and help to effectively resolve them;
  3. Care lines for vulnerable workers to access benefits and information relevant to core challenges including COVID-19;

This year we completed a full review of our Gender Awareness programme (‘Respect’) – aligning impacts alongside the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles and made commitments to extend to all factories by 2030.

Further information will be posted on this programme following launch in early 2021.

Case Study

Delhi, Change Alliance Respect Training

Between 2018 and 2020 we established our first Respect programme 6 factories in India – making our Chinos, Shorts and jersey tops.

Over 2 years, and in partnership with Change Alliance - over 6,000 workers helped build a culture of Respect in their factories – participating in regular workshops to raise awareness of their rights and responsibilities.

Key workers and factory management received in depth training and formed a targeted committee with the aim of building a sustainable means to raise issues and resolve issues effectively.

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