At Superdry diversity, fairness, inclusion and equality are at the heart of what we do. Diversity comes through time and time again as a key strength with 85% of our team saying they are confident in themselves at work, and 86% of colleagues feeding back that they feel they are treated fairly, regardless of their backgrounds.

No matter what your background, at Superdry everyone should have the same opportunities to grow, learn, develop and feel fulfilled. And so we ensure that we’re focused on providing this to all of our colleagues. Our approach to gender, diversity and equality are reflected in our Annual Gender Pay Gap Report which was published in April 2020 and can be found on our website.

In FY20 we’re especially proud to have committed to two actions. Firstly the establishment of a global Senior Women’s Leadership Forum, to help ensure Superdry is on track with the enablement and empowerment of not just women, but all individuals throughout the organisation, with a specific focus on Family given the alignment with one of our core values. And secondly, establishing the Superdry Voice. Two representative bodies for our UK Head Office and Retail Colleagues, launched in April 2020, to ensure colleagues views, opinions and ideas are heard and reflected in Superdry’s decisions and future strategy, which aligns to the recommendations set out in the Corporate Governance Reform Paper. Black Lives Matter has been a high profile global campaign that has impacted many around the world. Like many organisations, we have used this as an opportunity to reflect on our approach to diversity and inclusiveness with our employees and customers. We have openly encouraged our colleagues to educate each other and share their stories as well as ask how we can improve things. We want to ensure we have a sustainable approach and plan, are not just simply reacting to the moment, and so are now putting plans in place to drive meaningful change within Superdry.

Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is calculated using the approach defined by law and compares the difference in average pay between men and women. Overall, the Group’s gap is 22.6% and our retail business, C-Retail (the majority of our retail colleagues in the UK) has a gap of 3.5%. The difference in percentages is because in C Retail, the majority of pay is fixed with a limited number of job variation, whereas when you view the Group as a whole, this then incorporates a variety of roles and pay, ranging from a Sales Assistant to the CEO and in turn increases the percentage. Whilst we aspire for this gap to be 0, we are confident it is not driven by inequality or unequal pay between men and women and instead is driven the fact that our most senior roles are predominantly held by male employees.

An Equality and Diversity Policy is in place, which sets out our expectations of all colleagues and is available under our Key People Policies.

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