Our People

It’s our colleagues that are the heart of our Brand and without people we know we would not be able to achieve the things that we’re doing now and in the future.

FY20 has been a year of change and throughout this challenging period, we’re proud that we’ve stayed true to our core values launched in 2017. We know that continuing to put these values at the front and centre of decisions helps us to build a unique and strong culture, one that attracts and retains the best talent in the industry. But above all, a sense of unity and togetherness, passion, creativity and individuality seem to resonate the most with all colleagues across the globe and help to align us all in building something amazing.

We’re a diverse business employing 4,650 colleagues across 16 different countries. We rely heavily on our online communications network (Workplace) to ensure that no matter where our colleagues are, they feel part of the Superdry family: Informed; engaged and motivated.

As Superdry continues to look to re-set the business, we continue to need to attract talented individuals across a range of job roles and levels in the business. We take talent seriously, by having regular reviews and touch points with individuals to provide feedback, set priorities, and review performance. We invested heavily in coaching in FY20, putting over 150 managers through our ‘Coaching for Growth’ programme, which focused on building a coaching culture throughout the business, unlocking personal growth and autonomy.

Looking forward we will be evolving and building our talent pipeline and performance to ensure we get the best from our talent. To do this, we are simplifying our talent processes to become more agile in a fast moving environment. We’re moving away from fixed reviews and replacing them with continuous development conversations in order to support a more flexible method of setting priorities and reviewing performance; given the rapid changes happening in our industry. To support ongoing learning, we will be investing in moving to a more ‘digitally based’ Learning Academy, ensuring that more colleagues everywhere have access to virtual content up to and including leadership development. And we’re transitioning all of our onboarding processes to be digital, so that we can continue to set newly engaged colleagues up for success no matter where they are working.

Key People Policies

Our overarching guidance for Superdry People

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Diversity; Equality and Inclusion

Diversity, fairness, inclusion, and equality are at the heart of all that we do

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Health & Safety

Protecting our colleagues and customers

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Sustainable Stories

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