Waste has become a resource. This is something we are starting to see today through innovations in our business and supply chains.


Whether we are talking about packaging or garments, through our targets we intend to reduce, recycle or repurpose our waste. To do this we focus on where we can have a direct impact operationally, and where we are able to influence change through sustainably sourced raw materials and supply chains.

We are committed to convert all packaging to recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2025 - we're already 93% of the way there and are pushing to convert the balance. 

We already reuse or recycle waste generated from our offices, stores and distribution centres, and offer effective
waste management and recycling facilities.

With our tribe of ‘Sustainability Warriors’ who cover all global functions, we will continue to listen and challenge ourselves to identify opportunities to eliminate and repurpose waste.

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