. FY19
  Sales (£m) Underlying PBT (£m)
Average 891.1 58.4
Maximum 906.2 63.0
Minimum 884.8 54.3
. FY20
  Sales (£m) Underlying PBT (£m)
Average 934.0 64.8
Maximum 952.0 68.3
Minimum 905.0 61.0

This information was compiled with 8 analyst submissions. All analysts contributed to each consensus figure in the table. The forecasts have been provided to Superdry, by a number of registered investment analysts and are, as such, publicly available information.

The analyst consensus estimate is provided for informational purposes only, and is provided solely for the convenience of our investors. Superdry does not endorse or approve the analysts' consensus estimates or any underlying estimates that may have formed part of the analysts' consensus estimates. Superdry provides no assurance with regards to the accuracy or correctness of the analysts' consensus estimates.

Last updated on 5 February 2019.

This information is updated on a regular basis

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