The Twitter grid property fetches and renders the tweets from a single Twitter account

We use the third party package uTwit to fetch the tweets for 1 Twitter feed which are then rendered on the site.

The current configuration fetches the latest 5 tweets, regardless of whether the tweets are retweet's or reply's, and display within a carousel. Within the LatestTweets view, we can define if the retweet's or reply's should be filtered out when fetching the tweets.

The styling of the Twitter feed is strictly governed by the Developer Display Requirements, so the Designer should take this into consideration when implementing a new design.

To render a clients Twitter feed, we will either need their login credentials for the Twitter account or a Team Viewer session will need organising so we can walk though the steps below with the client.

  • Log in to the clients Twitter account
  • Visit
  • Click "Create a new App" and add all the Application details.
  • Make sure the Website and the Callback URL are the live site URL
  • Once the app has been created, navigate to the "Keys and Access token" and copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret
  • Log into Umbraco
  • Navigate to the Twitter authorisation codes Data type (Developer > Data types > Bespoke > Other)
  • Paste the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret into the relevant fields.
  • Navigate to the Twitter authorisation property (Home > Site tab) and authorise the twitter account which will be used on the site by removing the jonesandpalmer account and clicking Authorize (You must still be logged into client's Twitter account)
  • Save and Publish the Home page
  • Navigate to the page you wish to display the feed and add the "Twitter" grid property to a cell.
  • Save and Publish the page

The clients latest 5 tweets should now be displayed within a carousel. 

Remember to test the feed with all the themes for the site as content and SVG styles may need overriding.


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Sorry but there seems to be an issue with our Twitter feed.