About Us


At Superdry, we produce high-quality, contemporary products with a key focus on design detail, quality standards, end-to end innovation and value for money. Our clothes and accessories are strongly linked to our brand values, of which sustainability is one.
For us this means finding ways to:

  • Make great products sustainably
  • Best support our colleagues while extending our values to support people operating in our supply chain and within our local and wider communities
  • Protect our planet by using resources sustainably

Make Great Product Sustainably:

This year we have been working hard to better understand our sustainability footprint - from the extended supply chain that manufactures finished product, to understanding our raw materials footprint and identifying opportunities for sustainable sources.

Our Supply Chain:
The majority of our clothing and accessories is made by with third party suppliers in Turkey, India and China.
Our factory base is split into ‘Tier 1’ factories that manufacture our products, and additional ‘Tier 2’ factories that provide specialist value added services including embroidery, printing and washing to our Tier 1 factories.
We are members of the Ethical Trading Initiative (“ETI”) and we have adopted the ETI Base Code as our Ethical Trading Code – which is internationally recognised and is based on International Labour Organisation’s Core Conventions on Labour Standards. Our Ethical Trading Code sets a minimum benchmark ethical standard for all factories across our supply base, in all countries.
Our Ethical Trading Code and wider policies – including requirements and guidelines for the ethical treatment of vulnerable groups of workers including migrants and homeworkers - are included in our Supplier Manual which all suppliers are required to sign up to prior to working with Superdry.
We have teams based locally in key source countries that work directly with our suppliers to support them to meet our ethical requirements.

Raw Materials and Identifying Opportunities for Sustainable Sources:
In 2016/17 we evaluated our raw materials footprint, identifying key raw materials used to make our great products and where we can have the greatest sustainability impact. Over the next year we plan to set a detailed implementation plan which will focus on improving the sustainable impacts in these key areas.

Animal Welfare
We believe it is never acceptable to harm animals in the manufacturing or testing of any of our products. We have a very strict policy in place on animal welfare and we work closely with our suppliers to ensure it is fully enforced.

Down: We use both down and synthetic fillers in our outerwear – however down accounts for a very small part of our total product collection (approx. 1.5%). Where down is used we require it to be sourced from farms that respect our Animal Welfare policy, which was developed in partnership with animal welfare experts and in accordance with the internationally recognised Five Freedoms of animal welfare. Although we have always strictly enforced our Animal Welfare policy, we recognise the importance of giving consumers confidence in this area, from this winter season our down filled outerwear will be certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).
Fur: We do not use Fur in Superdry products. Over the last year have reviewed and further reinforced our testing procedures to ensure our ban on fur is respected throughout our supply base.

Best supporting our colleagues while extending our values to support people operating in our supply chain and within our local and wider communities:

Our people, our suppliers’ people and our communities are critical to the continued success of our brand. We invest time, effort and money into ensuring that our people, and the communities in which our company is based and operates, benefit positively from Superdry’s presence and success.

Our colleagues:
Superdry is committed to ensuring that our colleagues across the globe are invested in, supported, developed and given the opportunity to progress their careers within the business. We offer a diverse range of benefits, which vary depending on the country in which you work. We have a busy social calendar and hold regular wellbeing events.
Our employee engagement survey results consistently show that our colleagues think Superdry is a great place to work, and people frequently talk about the inclusive, family feel to the business and the people they work with as key reasons why they enjoy working with Superdry.

Extending our values to support people operating in our Supply Chain:
Our suppliers and Tier 1 factories provide jobs to over 94,000 people globally – each person plays a very important role in making our great products.
Our ethical trading team works closely with our suppliers and factories to support access to fair and safe working conditions across our supply base in line with our Ethical Trading Code.
We monitor conditions within our supply base through third party ethical audits, – completed on a semi-announced or unannounced basis – and support sustainable improvement through our Ethical Trading team in key source countries, and wider local stakeholders.
Our Ethical Trading team works with our preferred audit partner to check audits accurately reflect the conditions in the factories. To do this, we have established ‘control audits’ which are completed by dedicated integrity auditors on an unannounced basis. In addition, our local teams also shadow auditors to monitor audit quality and work alongside local organisations to support offsite interviews and to obtain feedback on results and action plans as appropriate.

We work with our suppliers to ensure a policy of continual improvement. In the event that an issue is identified, we work with them to sustainably resolve it. To achieve this we use a combination of action planning, training and capacity building at management, supervisor and worker committee level. This is delivered by local teams or local partner organisations. Where factories fail to co-operate, provide transparency or fail to meet our requirements, we agree a phased exit plan in line with our responsible exit policy.

We consider certain issues to be ‘zero tolerance’, including immediate danger to life or limb, evidence of child labour, modern slavery, discrimination or harassment. Should evidence of these issues be identified, we immediately fully investigate the matter. Investigations are typically led by our local teams or in partnership with a respected local organisation. If confirmed, we agree an immediate plan to remedy in the best interests of impacted workers. We may terminate the relationship and alert the relevant authorities where the factory fails to co-operate.

Contact for ethical trading enquiries: Head Office Ethical Trading team, ethical.trading@superdry.com.

Supporting others within our local and wider communities – our work with The Prince’s Trust:
Superdry channel the majority of our community efforts into a partnership with The Prince’s Trust. We have been inspired by their goal to enable 100,000 young people around the world to make a positive contribution to their local economy by helping them into jobs, education and training.
We have chosen to focus on this because we share their belief that young people are the foundation on which future economies are built. That’s why it’s absolutely vital that every young person, no matter what their background, has educational training and work experience that allow them to flourish.
Superdry is a young business which employs more than 5,000 people worldwide. Based in more than 20 global employment jurisdictions, the average age of a Superdry colleague is 25. Young people matter to Superdry not only with regard to our brand and business but most importantly our colleagues have a real connection with them. Through our work with the community we aim to help 100,000 young people break out of the cycle of disadvantage and poverty.
Young people trapped in this cycle often lack the right level of family support and role models to enable them to get life back on track. These include young people who are:

  • Unemployed
  • Struggling at school and at risk of exclusion
  • In or leaving care
  • Are or have been in trouble with the law
  • Suffering from low esteem, anxiety, learning difficulties or mental health issues.

We have chosen to partner with The Prince's Trust in the UK, and other similar organisations around the world, including the fledgling Prince's Trust International organisation, with the aim of enabling young people to make a positive contribution to society through helping them:

  • Get into jobs
  • Build better communities
  • Improve their practical skills
  • Reduce offending or re-offending
  • Improve their social skills
  • Get into education or training
  • Improve their mental health

We want to do more than simply providing cash to support the Trust in their work, though we do make charitable donations to them and other charities. We will do this through a number of ways:
Colleague fundraising for charitable organisations such as The Prince's Trust, including:

  • Million Makers – Throughout 2017, we have two teams of UK based colleagues working together to raise as much as possible for the trust from a seed funding of no more than £1,500. Huge development opportunity for those involved, applying different capabilities than their day job requires including leadership, strategy & planning, sales, financial management, public speaking & presentations, influencing, team work, collaboration and more. One of our teams has customised a range of Superdry Limited Edition jackets to auction.
  • 50 HQ based colleagues will be running the 2017 Cheltenham half marathon promoting the Superdry Brand, employee wellbeing as well as raising money and awareness of the Trust.
  • A retail store fundraising month during October 2017.

Colleague volunteering on support programmes and mentoring of young individuals, including:

  • Sport coaching
  • Facilitation of Trust programmes such as ‘Get into’ Design
  • 1:1 mentoring both online and face to face
  • Achieve programme support, working in secondary schools with young people aged 13-16.

Promoting the work of the Trust and encourage other organisations to engage in their work through Superdry Senior Executive acting as ambassadors and members of Trust committees and boards, including:

  • Euan Sutherland, CEO – member of The Prince's Trust Retail Industry Board
  • Andrea Cartwright, HRD – member of The Prince's Trust South West Development Committee
  • Hosting a Cultivation event at our Cheltenham HQ in June 2017
  • Extending our successful School Days programme for 15/16 year olds in the UK and into other key territories such as Germany and the USA. Host a specific Princes Trust young people School Day in autumn 2017. ‘School Days’ introduce young people to the world of work and the range of job opportunities that exist, giving them the inspiration to progress to the next stage of their lives.
  • Extending our successful Work Experience programme to give more young people a week long taste of the workplace and how inspiring team work can be.
  • Extending our successful Apprenticeship programme, already established in the UK, to our Germany operation. Launching graduate level apprenticeships across the UK business.
  • Supporting The Prince's Trust organisation with strategic thinking, infrastructure projects and connect them with our network of third party suppliers.
  • Supporting key Trust events such as Annual Fundraising Dinners, Large fundraising events and Award/ Recognition ceremonies, including:
  • Lead sponsor of the South West fundraising Annual Red Dinner at which we will host a catwalk show with Prince's Trust ‘young ambassadors’ as models.
  • Personal sponsorship by Julian Dunkerton of the ‘Rising Star Award’ at the South West trust awards event.

We also offer a match funding programme for the individual charitable work done by individual colleagues. Anyone has the opportunity to apply for this programme, to support their own personal charity work, with Superdry contributing an equal amount to that raised by the colleague.

Protecting our planet by using resources sustainably:

We understand that using resources sustainably minimises our impact on the natural environment. We remain committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and waste throughout our business. We have clear environmental, energy and waste policies to meet these goals. Some of our recent achievements include:

Increasing the use of renewable energy:
Over 70% of the electricity we use in our stores and offices now comes from renewable sources. We aim to make this 100% by 2020.

Improving energy efficiency in our stores:
We now use 23% less electricity to power an average store than we did when we started our efficiency program in 2014. This has been achieved through effective monitoring, use of advanced building controls and energy efficient LED lighting technology. Our target is to improve efficiency by 35% by 2020.

Reducing the impact of waste:
Both our UK head office and distribution centre are certified ‘zero waste to landfill’. We aim to roll this certification out to other sites over the coming years.

Reusing unwanted garments:
In 2016 we partnered with Newlife, the Charity for Disabled Children. The charity de-brands and sells unwanted product, raising over £250,000 so far. This approach eliminates any need for landfill and extends the life of these garments - making maximum use of the embedded energy and water consumed during the manufacturing process.