About Us

Our Brand

The Superdry brand, inspired by the founders Julian Dunkerton and James Holder, is at the heart of the business. Our brand is unique – it is an innovative, British, premium, lifestyle brand with global appeal. It’s accessible to everyone. It’s a democratic brand. Our customer is not defined by age but by attitude.

Superdry offers a wide product range, including t-shirts, polo shirts, hoods and sweats, denim, joggers, tops, dresses, jackets, shirts, knitwear, footwear, bags and accessories. It has a wide appeal, capturing elements of "urban" and "streetwear" designs with subtle combinations of vintage Americana, Japanese imagery and British tailoring, all with strong attention to detail. Superdry has already attained international recognition and enjoys celebrity-generated publicity from the likes of Idris Elba, David Beckham, Zac Efron and Helena Christensen, to name but a few.

We have three principal elements of our brand strategy:
  1. To build a global lifestyle brand.
  2. To drive awareness of the breadth of the Superdry range.
  3. To build a broad cross channel relationship with customers.

Having a consistent brand proposition globally is key to our success. We will achieve consistency by working as one team applying best practice in each market, using global brand icons to connect the customer with the brand and leveraging off our global capability in merchandising, range selection and a clear understanding of how we optimise retail space.