Julian Dunkerton


Julian Dunkerton is a passionate philanthropist and serial entrepreneur. From a loan of just £2,000 he built a chain of British retail stores called Cult Clothing, achieving a turnover of £18m. This success enabled the launch of a new brand and, in 2003, after an inspirational trip to Japan with design partner James Holder, Superdry was born.

Julian’s outstanding commercial instincts and complete understanding of the Superdry customer coupled with James’ attention to detail, love for iconic product and Japanese imagery, saw the brand quickly become a British success story and worn by high-profile celebrities including David Beckham, Kylie Jenner and Idris Elba. In 2010, Julian led the float of the company on the London Stock Exchange at a value of £400m.

In 2015, he stepped down from his role as Chief Executive at Superdry, taking on the role of Brand Founder and Product Development Director. This allowed him to concentrate on his main passion, the development of new product lines. Julian returned as CEO in April 2019 to re-ignite the original passion, invigorate the product offering and fulfil Superdry’s potential as a global retail phenomenon.